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" I was looking for a place to have my 35mm film cameras serviced. Every store and film lab I went to sends cameras out for service. So I looked up some reviews for these places and most were nightmares of long waits and not fixed or even made worse. I started doing some digging on-line and came upon TC Camera Repair just by accident, and it was the best thing that has ever happened to my cameras!


I shoot Minolta 35mm cameras, Minolta SRT 101's, SRT 202's, X-570 and X-700's a couple of Yashicas and Vivitars too... So, I see on-line that Tony has been repairing cameras 'Since 1987' and give him a call. Great phone call, lasted probably 20 minutes. Tony has been factory trained in film and digital, and DOES IT BECAUSE HE LIKES IT.


I sent him my best example of a Minolta SRT 202 and I am super happy with the results. He took it apart, replaced the mirror foam, adjusted the meter, shutter speed, cleaned it (including the viewfinder), and modified it to use a modern battery since the original battery is now obsolete. It is BEAUTIFUL, period. I took it with me on a trip to Michigan this summer and the pictures came out great! I would absolutely recommend TC Camera Repair.


I also sent Tony my Yashica Mat 124 G for a CLA. WOW! The viewfinder is SOOOO much brighter and easier to focus. He cleaned the inside of the taking lens and the increase in picture sharpness is huge. The shutter is beautiful and the self timer works flawlessly! I can't say enough or recommend TC Camera highly enough. Thanks again Tony! "

— TDave Loucks


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