TC Camera is dedicated to serve your needs, whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer.

Digital Camera, Manual Camera, Lens Repair


TC Camera's photo technicians have been factory trained and educated on most SLR digital or film cameras. We also have the ability to repair other equipment like Lenses, Flash Units, Projectors, Video Cameras.


We can often perform camera repairs faster and less expensively than our competitors. Many factory service centers have a fixed repair charge. We quote our repairs on a case-by-case basis.


Call us today at (630) 960-4020 to speak with an experienced repair technician. We can quickly diagnose and troubleshoot the problem and this will allow us to ask specific questions about about your camera. If you're not able to reach us during business hours please leave a message or feel free to email us at: Tony@TCcamerarepair.com


If you own a professional or amateur digital camera, or even an older mechanical film, SLR, Rangefinder, or Large/Medium format camera we have the knowledge and experience necessary to solve your problem!

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Digital Camera Repair

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